....... fun, dynamic and inclusive.  
Everyone gets involved.
We are big on FUN!
Very much a hybrid of the old fashioned treasure & scavenger hunt, dashed with puzzling and a splash of amazing racing.
With each Quest there are clues your team will need to interpret, discover and test their problem solving skills as they navigate through the selected area.
We mix it up with deciphering information and photos, map reading, following clues, solving riddles,  tasks, obtaining information and more. We are limited only by our imagination on what is to be comprised within the Quest.

We are not required to be in attendance [unless specifically requested]. You are independent.  The excellent part is that EVERYONE, including the person obtaining the Quest can participate.  All that is required is someone to take control to get the Quest underway.
Consider a:

Developed with your specific team needs in mind.  Perfect for those groups  wanting a fun wind up to the year,  team build, social functions, hen parties,  school groups ........
Each Quest team, ideally < 5, is provided with a Quest Package.
A Quest Package includes a passport and whatever items, or the means, necessary to satisfy the requirements of the passport and complete the Quest.  
The Quest can be as competitive or relaxed as desired.

Julie and Dale