Our Development
The Problem:
As parents of children who participate in a variety of tournaments, locally and much further afield, we have found from previous experience that there are often significant periods of down time between games. At such times the manager or adult in charge is required to be innovative in providing some direction and entertainment for the team. The usual options of movies, shopping, ten pin and the like were expensive and repetitive for the participants and the parents.
We realised that there was a need for alternative inexpensive entertainment to be available for these sporting occasions and the decision to proceed with an idea we’d been toying with for some time was made.
The Solution:
Cobbling together a hybrid of the concepts of Amazing Race, Treasure Hunts, Scavenger Hunts, Puzzling, Fact and Clue Finding and more, we established Quest4fun, with the purpose of sending people on a Quest: a search; in any given area for any given age group by – in essence:
‘Fun Team Challenges Designed 4U By Us’
Originally we were focused specifically on school and sport teams, a younger set of participants.  However, it became apparent that the alternative type of designed entertainment we offered would hold appeal far more wide spread and limited only by the imagination. 
The Testing:
Putting on our ‘big girl panties’ we took the brave step and trialled one of the designed challenges, a.k.a The Quest Package, on our unsuspecting friends, who we felt would be our harshest critics. 
So, under the guise of finding the Quest Package off the internet we watched as secret moles in our respective teams as they spent 2 hours on the F27 Shopping Quest, competing to be best and first, as  they made their way to the final destination. All those who participated, even the reluctant starters who merely wanted to shop, were captivated and got into the swing of it all.
Prior to revealing that we were behind their entertainment, we knew we had NAILED IT:
  • when Julie was bombarded with requests for the contact details of the business that supplied the Quest,
  • when they discussed how their family, friends, colleagues would enjoy such a thing,
  • when the noise, laughter and frivolity it created at our tables were the envy of the other restaurantees, cos’ they wanted what we had,
  • when asked why were we not doing this as it was sooo ‘right up our alley’!
When delivering the prize to the winners, we announced that we were Quest4fun whereupon we received even more awesome feedback and the hilarity continued.
The Consequences:
Inspired and motivated we continue to think, develop, market and design Quest Packages. Incorporating the little details of the environment which are so easily overlooked in the area the Quest is set and tailoring to the specifics as instructed.  At times no more than a date, where and when is given.  The amount of customer input is dictated by the customer.  What we have found important is that ALL people of the concerned group can participate, including the person who is initiating the occasion!  
Let Us  Do the Thinking for You
The Rewards:
The ever increasing request for Quests of course! Knowing that the perceived wider appeal, is real as we have now designed for a variety of different groups as well as accommodating ages from 3yrs to 80yrs.
Most of all though is the feedback we receive about the amount of Fun, Laughter, Surprises and sheer entertainment we have provided!
We thoroughly enjoy the challenge that each designed Quest requires of us.
We look forward to hearing from you so that you too can “Quest To See What We See”